About us

Dynamic Shields are 4949 Shields ready to defend Solana from Invasions! Also, It is going to the 1st Play-2-Earn (P2E) Combat Game Integration on Solana!

Hey Warriors, We are pleased to present you the Roadmap of the Dynamic Shield Project. 🛡️☣️⚔️
Note - The Roadmap will evolve as we will be adding more Ideas from the Community!


  • ☣️ Completion of our Unique Artwork!
  • ☣️ Forming a Community which will be a part of our bigger future plans!
  • ☣️ Launching our website with every details of our project!


  • ☣️ Start our Marketing on Twitter & Discord!
  • ☣️ Collaborating with more authentic projects to support & expand our audiences!
  • ☣️ Organizing Game sessions & Meme contest to reward our valuable members!


  • ☣️ Carrying out trials & tests for a smooth and seamless Minting experience!
  • ☣️ Launching our First FREE Public sale for Dynamic Shields!
  • ☣️ Launching verified & statistically approved Rarity!


  • ☣️ Listing on great Marketplaces like Magic Eden, Digital Eyes, Solsea & Alpha Art!
  • ☣️ Announcing plans for our Future 3D Swords Launch!
  • ☣️ Announcement of base outline plan of our Play-2-Earn Combat Game !


  • ☣️ Launching our Second Public sale of 3D Swords ⚔️!
  • ☣️ Funding received from our 3D launch will go towards Kick starting our Play-2-Earn Combat Game!
  • ☣️ Launching our Exclusive War Club "Spartans" which will be only for our verified Shield🛡️ & Sword⚔️ Holders!
  • ☣️ Finally Launching our Play-2-Earn Combat Game accessible to our Shield🛡️ & Sword⚔️ Holders!
  • (You will be able to use your own Shield & Swords in the Game!) As this is a community driven project, It should reflect your Ideas and Goals! Thus, If you have any valuable opinion or Ideas feel free to put them in the #suggestion channel!

☣️ Dynamic Shields are 4949 Shields ready to defend Solana from invasions! It is a first Play-2-Earn (P2E) Combat Game integration on Solana!!

☣️ 10th January 2020, 19:00 UTC!

☣️There will be 4,949 Shields available to Mint.

☣️The mint price for 1 Shield is FREE (only gas fees).

☣️There is no limit on how many Shields you can Mint.

☣️We recommend Phantom wallet for smooth Minting but you can also use Sollet, Solflare and Slope.

☣️ Dynamic Shields will be listing on great Marketplaces like Magic Eden, Solsea, Alpha Art & Digital Eyes!

☣️Verified & statistically approved Rarity will be launched on Moonrank & SolRarity after launch.

☣️ Yes, We will be launching our 2nd Gen NFT - 3D Swords ⚔️ The Sneak-peak will be launched soon after our Shield's Launch.

☣️ Warriors will get access to the presale of Dynamic Shields!

☣️ Our OG Warriors will get 50% off on our 2nd Gen NFT - 3D Swords ⚔️ (Mint Prize - 1Sol) + Access to our Exclusive Club "Spartans"!

☣️ You need to be a Holder of Shield & Swords to be able to access the Exclusive Club!

☣️You will be able to see the base Plan of our Combat Game after the announcement of 3D Swords ⚔️

☣️By holding a Shield & Sword you will be able to access our Play-2-Earn Combat Game!